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Dear Soon-to-be-More-Virile-than-a-Teen Sir,

The discovery that I have just made is truly extraordinary. Until now, Viagra was a man's only means for resolving potency issues. But because of its sometimes drastic side effects, I refused to prescribe it to many patients.

Now there is an alternative to Viagra. And what an alternative! Not only is it far more powerful than Viagra, but it is 100% natural, with no harmful side effects. And many highly desirable side-benefits! Such important benefits as extraordinary sexual stamina, the ability to maintain a rock-hard penis for an average period of two hours, multiple ejaculations, gushing sperm. V MAX turns you into a veritable love-making machine! And this is no exaggeration! But V MAX not only allows you to maintain your erection for hours at a time, it lets you make love up to 6 times in a single night!!

You might be wondering, "But why haven't I ever heard of this V MAX, if it's so incredible?" Well, the answer is quite easy to understand. V MAX consists entirely of extracts from very rare Indian plants cultivated in well guarded fields. And only just now are we beginning to market V MAX on a large-scale basis. That is why you haven't heard a word about it until now! That is also why you should seize this opportunity and try it out immediately!

I will tell you the whole story. Since you are one of the few people who have yet been offered an opportunity to benefit from the All -Natural V MAX virility treatment, you are entitled to know everything about it.

This amazing adventure began with a humanitarian mission to India. I had gone to a small village to help rescue survivors of a devastating tsunami. Great effort was required to provide them with both physical and psychological care. I stayed for over 8 weeks in this village. Its inhabitants were extremely kind to me. The day before I left, I went to say goodbye to them. And as I did, I received the most surprising visit of my life as you will see in a moment!

A royal procession came into view. Two majestic elephants walking side by side were drawing a huge gold-plated chariot. A trio of Indian soldiers was waling close behind this amazing convoy. As the procession advanced, villagers prostrated themselves in supplication before the mysterious figure inside the chariot. He was clearly someone of great importance. When the group finally arrived before me, the two pachyderms halted. One of the soldiers waved at me to climb on board. I did so, having no idea what awaited me.

And that is how I met Maharajah Mhala Chanka in person! He was accompanied by his 2 most beautiful wives. He had in fact come to thank me for all the work that I had done for his people. He then invited me to spend the night at his sumptuous palace. Even though I was supposed to be catching my flight, I couldn't dream of refusing.

I was greeted with a royal welcome, including all the food and drink I wanted, female dancers and performances by fakirs. I had an excellent time. But even greater surprises were in store. I don't know if it was the wine or the dancers, but I suddenly achieved an uncontrollable erection! My penis was straining so hard at the seams of my trousers, I was afraid they would burst! And then the Maharajah clapped his hands. Within a moment, the other guests had vanished. The Maharajah signaled for me to follow him.

He led me to a room in which a stunning woman lay stretched out before me on a bed. I could not contain myself a moment longer. In my excitement, I leaped onto the bed, intent on satisfying my every fantasy. When I undressed and looked down, I hardly recognized my penis! It was so much larger and bigger than I had ever seen it! I began making love to this woman with an intensity I had never before experienced. I assumed a whole series of different positions without the slightest fatigue. And I could not let up. Time seemed to have stopped. As my first orgasm finally swept over me, my partner was literally splattered with my exploding semen. But more than anything else, she seemed delighted by my immense globs of sperm, trying to gulp down each spurt I shot at her as it flew through the air!

I have never before been experienced such a massive ejaculation. But even more incredibly, a moment after coming, I still wanted more!! And then, the young woman clapped her hands and three additional women came into the room to join us! I was in pa-ra-dise! I took each one in turn, rotating through a new variety of positions. I ejaculated once more and then started anew, again and again. This was the most extraordinary night of my entire life and naturally, I never wanted it to end.

But the next morning, I came to my sense, as a sexologist, I realized that my performance of the past night was anything but "natural". I am just a man, like you. A 60 years old man. And under normal circumstances I would never have been able to enjoy such prowess. But how had I suddenly been transformed into this wild sexual beast? That is what I asked the Maharajah. He hesitated a moment before answering me. And when he did… he made some astonishing revelations.

The Maharajah confessed that he had slipped a very special powder into my drink. He quickly added that it was merely the powder of a dried plant, which he knew would give me great pleasure. He than revealed, that this plant was the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. And that its properties went far beyond those of nay Western drug. When I mentioned Viagra the Maharajah burst out laughing. He said that he had once tried it, but it could not compare to his plant! I was amazed. How could a simple plant do more than a famous medication like Viagra?

The Maharajah then opened his closest and took out a plant. I had never seen anything like it before. He removed one of its leaves and asked me to chew on it. Incredible as it seems, I had a new wild erection within 10 seconds! It was even more intense than the evening before!! I then realized that everything he had told me was true. You see, I have also tried out Viagra. But I can assure you that compared to this Indian plant; Viagra's effects are practically incon-se-quen-tial! Particularly when we know Viagra can trigger cardiovascular disorders, heart attacks and a multitude of other undesirable reactions! Naturally, I immediately wanted to learn more about this "infinite Indian pleasure herb" as the Maharajah called it. He said this plant had been used by India's greatest rulers for centuries. It had in fact been discovered by the inventor of the Kama Sutra, himself! It was through the use of this herb, in fact, that the Kama Sutra's creator had come to envision so many sexual positions considered impossible for ordinary men! That is also why Maharajah kept so many harems, sometimes consisting of dozens of women! With such a breathtaking sexual appetite, he required some means of satisfying his extraordinary needs.

When I asked the Maharajah where I could find this plant, he steadfastly refused to say. But he did tell me that the plant was very rare and only grew two months of the year. He also mentioned that if his secret got out, he was sure Westerners would descend upon him to steal it. So I suggested that he and I make a deal...

To start with, I promised that I would never reveal his secret to anyone. I then asked the Maharajah to give me a few of these precious plants. I would grow them in a lab, to produce the most powerful potency enhancer ever created. Even if it couldn't be sold on a wide scale, I knew that it would allow at least a few men to experience true sexual bliss. And as a physician, I wanted to allow at least one person to benefit from this amazing discovery-rather than none at all.

The Maharajah generously agreed to do me this honor. And so I returned home with four live Indian plants. I immediately planted them in healthy soil. Since they only grew two months of the year, I had to wait nearly 10 months before new shoots emerged. But that was all I needed. With the help of other scientists, we extracted the plants' active ingredients. We then encapsulated the powder so none of its exceptional properties would be lost. And finally, we launched our fabulous All Natural V MAX Virility Treatment. A 100% natural treatment, with no undesirable side effects, that will boost the sex lives not only of men suffering from impotency, but of the world's greatest sexual champions! Before marketing V MAX, of course, we conducted clinical trials.


If after taking the capsules every day as directed and by the end of 60 days you are not satisfied, or did not get the results that you expected, you could send back the empty bottle (s) and we will refund you the full amount.